Who are we

A production and post-production house based in Copenhagen, that produces feature films, documentaries, TV and commercials. 20c is a strategic seven way partnership that consists of Supersonic, Kasper Torsting, LumaFilm, Schwanenflügel,
Picnic Productions, Hawaii Film and Simon Borch.
The seven partners will collaborate in post-production, while still remaining as
strong independent business entities and brands.

Feature film clients of 20c receive an additional perk – financial support for all post-production, provided by the FilmFyn organization. This is possible since Supersonic has a fully equipped recording studio in Svendborg, which also offers visual post-production services.

Supersonic covers everything audio related; Picnic Productions handles motion graphics and graphics, and Schwanenflügel manages color grading. Simon Borch provides the editing suite, Kasper Torsting is director, LumaFilm offer visual post-production such as visual effects, 3D animation, TV packs and DCP; and Hawaii Film run the production from director to film bus, and everything in between.

Many advertisers these days have turned their attention towards adaptions and strategic spots – which often go hand-in-hand with short deadlines. We at 20c are happy to offer a one-stop shop for all your production needs, from your projects infancy to the final product. Our current customers are thrilled withour services, and love the fact that everything is taken care of under one roof, with a friendly contact that has an overview of the entire project.

We are based in the heart of Copenhagen. You will find us in Lille Strandstræde 20c – 1254 København K




Hawaii Film

With over 30 years experience combined in developing and producing commercials and advertisements, we know what makes your clients tick. We love telling good stories, and we do it all day, so why not join us for a glass of Dubonnet and olives from the majestic Mikras mountains? Lets talk about your projects, and bring them to life so everyone else can enjoy them too.

Pau la Cour
+45 2236 4466 / Pau@hawaiifilm.dk

Sune Hjorth
+45 2236 4416 / Sune@hawaiifilm.dk



Kasper Torsting

Kasper graduated from the National Danish Film School as a Documentary Director in 2001. He has worked on several acclaimed feature length documentaries to cinematic release in Denmark and abroad, as well as music videos and short films. He started directing commercials in 2013.
He’s the director and writer known for Rocket Brothers, Solo, Amadillo (2010) and his portrait conversation of Thomas Vinterberg and David Bowie (Hr. Vinterberg and Mr. Bowie, 2002). Kasper has worked in several war zones, toured the world portraying a rock band and many other arenas. Always with a strong and persistent focus on ‘the human face’.
In 2013 he started directing commercials and was quickly established on the Danish scene of advertising with his innovative branding spot for McDonald’s. His background as a documentary director has schooled him in working with concepts like honesty and authenticity. Combining this with selling a brand has provided him with an comprehensive understanding of how to make a staged scene work – if he doesn’t believe in a scene – it doesn’t work.

Kasper has worked for Danske Bank, Danish Defense and Volkswagen.

Kasper Torsting
+45 26 79 15 79 / mail@kaspertorsting.com


Represented by Nina Fryland


Simon Borch

An experienced film editor with over 200 commercials, and several feature films under his belt. His 15 years of experience in the game has made him a diverse and great candidate for any project, and is always ready to take films to the next level. 'It’s all about the passion for storytelling, and finding the hidden treasures in the footage’ is Simon's motto and is what keeps his motor running.

Simon Borch
+45 22 60 80 57 / mail@simonborch.dk




From making documentaries on a Tibetan football team, to feature films and LEGO Bionicle. You name it. We’ve done it. We offer ADR, voice casting, mixing, mastering, and original sound design and music. Our sonic sorcery stems from our crew that have gallons of creative juices (and plenty to spare) - so much so that you might have to bring some rain gear for the splashback.
Come by for a coffee, and let’s get the sounds out of your head and into the speakers.

Supersonic Booking
+ 45 33 11 60 30 / booking@supersonic.dk




Henrik Lindstrand

With 8 feature films, 6 TV-series, a large number of commercials and a few documentaries, Henrik has established himself as one of the busiest media composers in Scandinavia.

A piano player since age 3 and an accomplished multi instrumentalist, Henrik Lindstrand is a graduate from the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen to where he relocated from his native Sweden in 1994.

To the general public, Henrik Lindstrand is mostly known as being a fourth of rock band Kashmir (since 2001).

Kashmir has released seven critically acclaimed albums, and have throughout the years constantly been pushing sonic boundaries and challenging the idea of what a band should sound like, gaining them the loyalty of fans internationally.

As an integral part of the band, Henrik not only contributes as a co-writer and musician, but in the collective building of a complex and daring soundscape, with a sense for arrangements and ambient details, that translates well into the storytelling and shaping of emotional environments, of his film scoring career.

Henrik Lindstrand’s work as a proven composer for film and television picked up speed in 2007 where he did the score for Anders Morgenthaler's feature film “Ekko”.
Lindstrand was nominated for Danish Cinemas prestigious Robert award for his efforts and has since composed for animations, commercials, documentaries, short films and an ever-expanding list of feature films from directors such as Ole Christian Madsen, Niels Nørløv and Jørgen Lerdam.

Henrik Lindstrand - composer
+45 25 31 94 36 / lindstrand@me.com




We know post-production for commercials and feature films like you know the back of your hand. Visual Effects, 3D animation, adaptions, mastering, TV deliveries and DCPs for cinema, is the name of our game; and we will have all the bases covered to ensure you can enjoy your product on all formats.
Company owner Alexander Marthin has 12 years of experience as a VFX superviser, and is ready to work his magic on your project.

Alexander Marthin
+45 61 61 16 38 / alexander@lumafilm.dk




A veteran in the field of post-production, company owner Christian Schwanenflügel specializes in color grading and has ‘been around the block’ in terms of doing commercials, feature films and documentaries. Prior to going solo, Christian has worked with the big boys over at Easy Film and Nordisk Film Shortcut as a Colorist and Flame Artist.
With a keen eye and a knack for making anything look interesting, he’s sure to make any scene look like a work of art.

Christian Schwanenflügel
+45 26 82 44 61 / cs@schwanenflugel.com



Picnic Productions

Specializing in motion graphics, visual effects, animation and editing, Picnic Production is the brain child of owner Rasmus Falck - an experienced and well versed multimedia designer with an imagination that makes Avatar look like a Charlie Choplin film.
Armed with a degree in Media Studies from Syddansk University, and work experience with heavy hitters like Pan Vision and Easy Film, he’ll bring your wildest fantasies to life in your projects.

Rasmus Falck
+45 22 64 85 65 / rasmus@picnicproductions.dk



Come by for a cup of coffee

Lille Strandstræde 20 C 1254 København K